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Program Details


Type : Christian / Therapeutic

Price : $5,000 a month

State:ID, Gender:Female, Age:13-20,

Program Description:
The Clearview program teaches practical skills and provides learning opportunities for girls who are not ready to rejoin their families. Clearview is a non-threatening, supportive, and home-like environment. We help our students by focusing on academic instruction; individual and group therapy; creativity through art, music, and writing; and physical fitness. Our staff members provide skillful and kind mentoring to help students understand life and grasp their place in the world. We offer a knowledgeable and trustworthy environment helping girls deal with an unplanned pregnancy, heal from sexual abuse, or overcome an eating disorder.

Clearview offers a follow-up Mentoring Program. In the Mentoring Program, the student will learn to balance work, school, dating, leisure time, and responsible participation in a household. In essence, mentoring teaches young women to make their life less stressful through time management and prioritizing.

Program length :

Tipycal Student:

The typical Clearview student is one who is struggling with self-esteem, motivation, the influence of a negative peer environment, an eating disorder, or some other destructive behavior. We even have special courses and curriculum for expecting mothers.

School Credentials :

The staff at Clearview are fully qualified. We provide several licensed therapists and psychologists: a licensed education psychologist, family therapist, child therapist, adolescent psychologist, licensed couple therapist, credentialed teacher, special education teacher, remedial reading specialist, school psychologist, and school administrator.

Academics :

Students who are ready to attend a community school will receive tutoring when necessary and participate in after-school activities. Educational options include junior or senior high school, correspondence courses, or college. Clearview offers tutoring, special assistance with any homework problems, and constant contact with teachers. Students who are interested in taking the high school equivalency test (GED) and moving into junior college or the working world will be supported and encouraged. Monthly academic progress reports are issued to parents so they can view their daughter's progress.

Payment plan :

First month's payment is due via credit card before entering the program. Following payments may be made up front, or monthly.

Tuition :

Tuition at Clearview is $5,000 a month. The first month's payment is due via credit card before beginning the program. Financial aid is available.

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