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Program Details

North Star Treatment Center

Type : Residential Treatment

Price : Prvt. Insurance

State:UT, Gender:Male, Age:12-17,

Program Description:
North Star Treatment Center is a fully licensed residential treatment center. We are open all year round, with open enrollment at any time. We are a Christian-based treatment center with an emphasis on beliefs from the Bible. Our treatment services are catered to teenage boys, ages 12-17 years old. We provide therapeutic services which include Individual Sessions once a week, and Group therapy sessions 1-2 times a day, every day, along with Family therapy sessions every other week. We also have a terrific Academic program to ensure that your child stays right on track with his education while receiving treatment. Our school system is fully accredited. Finally, the North Star treatment program promotes supervision with staff that help oversee and monitor each child 24/7. The program is based on a level system that holds each child accountable for their behavior in all aspects of the program. Privileges within the program are based on consistent positive behavior. Statement from North Star’s Exec. Director, Joe states it best, with his personal phrase, “We believe that repetition is the law of learning, and repetition is the mother of skill. But the main factor to consider is, how long should the duration for positive repetition continue? The duration for positive repetition should always continue until it reaches INTERNALIZATION.” The North Star philosophy follows Jesus’s process for development, as stated in the following scripture. Luke 2: 52 “And Jesus increased in Wisdom, and in Stature, and favor with GOD and Man.” It is our hope that each boy will grow strong in the truth of things, as well as strong physically, strong spiritually and emotionally, and strong socially. To be well rounded to stabilize him within a balanced life. Most important, to be happy.

Program length :

6-12 months

Tipycal Student:

The typical student of North Star is a talented and smart boy from a good home, that is experiencing struggles with emotional, mental, or behavior due to any of the following signs and symptoms, such as: anxiety, depression, sudden change in friends, lack of motivation, addiction, substance abuse, problems with authority, compulsive lying, constant manipulation, defiance, and anger management issues.

School Credentials :

Our school accreditation is through Edmentum with AdvancEd.

Academics :

North Star is fully accredited with a blended education system incorporating both traditional teaching instruction as well as online.

Payment plan :

Payment plans can be arranged if there is no private insurance coverage and your child requires a Cash Pay rate. Please contact us for details.

Tuition :

North Star is authorized to work with private insurance providers, which may cover up to 100%.

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